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Afriscape Solutions Limited is the bridge between you the investor and various service providers in Kenya with an emphasis on Real Estate purchase, management, construction and market advisory. Guided by our core values of trust and integrity we endeavor to ensure that every potential investor has the freedom to take the steps they need towards investing in the country with confidence.

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We help you make informed decisions before you commit to purchasing or leasing any Real Estate Property within Kenya. By partnering with trusted Real Estate professionals and a legal team with over 30 years’ experience, we form the bridge between you and your next Real Estate investment in Kenya. Leveraging on our and expertise working with a select group of Real Estate Agents, we offer you with the requisite market advisory information, assistance in property identification and finally through our trusted legal partners ensure that you close out the Real Estate Management Contracts as well as legal conveyancing of your identified properties.

34.5 million

(Ksh.) Average value of property in Nairobi

Kshs. 85,582

Average rent of 1-3 bedroom in Nairobi


Property value appreciation in Urban neighbourhoods from March 2021- March 2022


Occupancy rate of Apartments in Nairobi

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Afriscape Property Identification

Property Identification

Are you looking to permanently relocate from your current jurisdiction to Kenya or just interested in purchasing a piece of real estate property in this part of Africa? If so, we have got you covered. Most property purchasers desire to identify a suitable Real Estate Property before leasing or purchasing the same. Statistics show that members of this category mostly reside overseas and are often in need of assistance from persons within the country to help with identification of a property/properties that checks off their preferred boxes. Afriscape Solutions works closely with this category to bridge that gap and identify a suitable Real Estate property that meets their specifications. We believe that the world has become a global village and distance should no longer be a barrier to achieving one's dream of investing or residing in this beautiful part of the world.

Real Estate Market Advisory

The Real Estate market will most certainly differ from one country to another. These differences can prove to be overwhelming if you do not have someone to hold your hand and guide you along the way. Potential buyers/investors who are desirous of exploring the Kenya Real Estate market will therefore need to obtain preliminary information on various aspects affecting the sector. Afriscape Solutions works with trusted partners who have a wide experience in the sector to ensure that we avail to our clients current and relevant insights within the Kenyan market. Our clients will be well advised on the market conditions to enable them make informed and balanced decisions on whether to purchase, sell or hold any property.

We provide bespoke services to our clients and endeavor to ensure that they are happy with our services.

Property Management

Lease Management

Cognizant of the fact that a good number of investors get into the Real Estate sector with the intention of earning a rental income. In order to achieve this goal, their property would have to be let out either on short or long term basis. The incidental process of securing tenants for rentals if not properly managed often causes investors unnecessary anxiety and sometimes can lead to financial loss. To avoid these challenges, Afriscape Solutions will ensure that the partner agents fully vet the potential tenants and oversee the Lease Administration on behalf of the client.

Construction Management

Construction Management

Kenya has not been left behind in the construction and property development space. These undertakings may not be easy for persons living outside the country for the simple reason that they are often not able to supervise the progress of their projects/developments from overseas. Afriscape Solutions in this case will bridge the gap by assisting in appointment of qualified project managers and if need be, link the client with other required professionals including Architects, quantity surveyors and land surveyors as the case may be.

Afriscape Legal Conveyancing

Legal Conveyancing

We work with trusted law firms to ensure that our client’s interests are protected. The said law firms provide legal solutions and guide clients through the processes of sale and purchase of the identified property.

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